We can send small quanities of flashings via courier, for £20 in 2m lengths, the courier does only cover mainland UK, so please do call or email if you are unsure if we can arrange delivery. 


All fabrications are currently manufactured at 2.5m, this is the ideal size for loading in an average sized family car or small van so available for collection. If you need delivery, unfortunately we are unable to send these by courier as they are too long, but can be shipped via pallet carrier for which there is a minimum delivery charge of £80, this does sadly vary depending on whereabouts in the Country you are located. In certain circumstances 3m lengths will be available please do call Fiona on 01476 563666 for more information. 

Please do call us for futher details, as delivery within the local area can be done for £30-£50 dependent on distance. 
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